Advertising on podcasts is a new space for advertisers — here’s what you need to know.

Branded videos are a way to showcase your company, its works and its values to your audience, but who says they have to revolve around talking heads?

Apart from just looking aesthetically pleasing, have you thought about how the typeface affects the messaging you are giving your audience?

Music sets the tone (pun intended) of your video and creates an immersive and memorable viewing experience for your audience.

Why they matter

Instagram Stories is a wide-reaching social media function that’s also an effective marketing tool.

Animated films, series and commercials have continuously captured the hearts of audiences of all ages and demographics. Let’s take a look at how and why animation is so alluring.

What is animation used for?

Content creation, image curation, video production, data visualisation… these were all once human-only activities. But what if we told you that there is now a world full of AI and algorithms that can do all these things and more?

With the ongoing pandemic, webinars and virtual events are the way to go to stay connected with customers.

Want to get your content to the top of your audience’s social media feeds? Don’t underestimate the unassuming hashtag — the SEO keywords of social media.

Are hashtags still relevant?

Short and sweet, or long and detailed? We explore what each format brings to the table, and which works best for you.

Long form content: an overview


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